(c. 1802) 22 L KM-37 C/M on Brazil 6400R Martinique AU58 PCGS


French Colony gold Regulated/Counterstamped 22 Livres ND (c. 1802) AU58 PCGS, KM37, Fr-2. Displaying 22 over eagle countermark (UNC Detail) on a genuine Jose I 6400 Reis 1759-R from Brazil (cf. KM172.2). A very scarce gold issue counterstamped after the return of Martinique to France by Britain during the shorted lived peace of Amiens in the earlier years of the Napoleonic wars. Decidedly difficult in all conditions, this offering bears the hallmarks of near-mint quality, its surfaces revealing voluminous luster and an appealing amber surface tone.

PCGS Coin #: 352012